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Stephen’s Story

by IllinoisJim (pekinite)



John is still sitting in his cell. It seems like Marcus, his lawyer may not be able to get all the paperwork completed and approved in time for his release today. Marcus has had an unexpected call to court on another of his cases. He has made a phone call to police headquarters to see if there is anything that could be done to expedite matters. He was advised that if you could be at police headquarters by 3:30 and all paperwork has been properly completed, that John possible could be still be released that afternoon. He thanks them, hangs up, and makes a call to the Dixon's.


“Hello John, this is Marcus. I must apologize that I have to appear in court today, but I’m hopeful I can still get your son released. I will go down right after I get out of court. There is no need for you to come; I will bring him home. I want to talk to the prosecutor again anyway, and I may have further news for you then.” John thanks Marcus, hangs up the phone and goes to the patio to tell Camille the possible good news.


Linda decides she had better get up. She wants to go to the hospital and see Stephen again today. She gets out of bed and goes in to take a shower. As she finishes drying her hair, she wonders what she will wear. She decides to dress for Stephen today. If she dresses cheery, it may make him feel better. She returns to her bedroom and looks through the clothes in her closet. “That’s it,” she says. And pulls out the brightest and cheeriest dress that she has. One the she has not worn in ages. She dresses and fixes her hair just right. As she is putting on her makeup, her mother calls from downstairs, “Linda, would you mind taking me to the market. We don’t have a thing for tea tonight. Linda replies, “Yes, mum. Can we go now? I want to get back so I can go to the hospital and see Stephen.” With that, she puts on the finishing touches and looks at herself in the mirror. “Yea, not bad for ‘cuddly’ girl,“ she says to herself and goes downstairs to see if her mum is ready to leave


Stephen is very restless today. He still hurts a little but all he thinks about is getting out of the hospital and going home. He has been away from his home only upon occasion, like the weekend he spent with John. Never for more than a day at a time, in his sixteen years, one month and one day of his life.

The visit by the detectives, and what they have done to John, still has him upset. As he is thinking about this, a nurse comes into his room. She looks like the wicked witch without her pointed hat. In a gruff voice, she announces, “Well, young man, we are going for a walk, and I don‘t want any back talk. We have to make sure you are strong enough to go home tomorrow. Stephen looks at her with surprise. “Tomorrow, do you think I can go home tomorrow?” “That’s what the doctor says. We like to see patients leave the hospital as soon as possible,” she replies. “When they can get back to their own surroundings, we find that they recover must faster. If it was up to me...” but does not finish the sentence. “Okay now,“ she then continues. “Let me help you out of that bed and we’ll see what you can do in the hallway,” and they start their journey.


Graham and Barbara have decided to wait till evening and go to the hospital to see Stephen. Graham went to the photo shop to do some things that he hasn’t be able to do since the emergency. Barbara has been letting her housework go, so decides to get some of it done today. They have already called Stephen to let him know their plans and he told them that it would be just fine. Barbara begins dusting the living room but stops and picks up a picture of Stephen. She then moves to the sofa and sits down. Looking at the picture, she thinks about her son.

“My poor Stevie,” she thinks. “My poor baby. He has been through so much lately... no, I guess the last few years. Why did he keep that secret deep down inside of him for so long?” She suddenly starts to cry. “Did he think that Graham or I wouldn’t love him if we knew? He is our son. I’ve got to talk to Graham before we go to the hospital tonight. He is the one that hasn’t talked about it since Stephen made that speech. Oh, that speech. My heart was breaking when he was pouring his heart out, as I know Grahams was. He is the one that has to talk to Stephen and tell him everything is all right, that we both love him very much and nothing could ever change that.” Barbara continues to sit for a few more minutes, composes herself and gets up to finish her the dusting.


Michael really doesn’t know how to tell David about Stephen. David looks at him with much anticipation. He looks away from David for a minute and then back into his face. Because Michael has taken so long to answer, he’s afraid he already knows the answer, that Michael doesn’t feel the same way. He looks back at David and sees he expression has changed... to more of a disappointed look. Michael knows he has to say something now, so he swallows and then begins.

“Davey, “ Michael begins, “I didn’t see this coming. I have always felt the same about you but I didn’t think I had a chance. You always said you weren’t gay, so I kept these feelings inside me. You didn’t know how I wanted to hold you and to kiss you. When in the gym showers, I would look at you, wanting you. Wanting your body, wanting your love. I never looked at any other guy like that. They just didn’t interest me. I wanted you. Hoping that one day you would tell me that you felt the same way about me.”

David continues looking at Michael. He knows what Michael is going to say. He feels his eyes moisten slightly, but continues to listen to the one he loves. The one he finally has admitted his unconditional love to.

Michael knows he must tell David the truth and so he continues, “I wasn’t looking for anyone, it just happened. It happened last Saturday, at the cinema. You remember that boy we talked to, Stephen? I couldn’t help it. My heart started pounding wildly. I knew at that moment that I loved him. I know it sounds crazy; How can you fall in love with someone you don’t even know. But I knew, he was the one that I loved him.”

David, not being able to control himself any longer, starts to cry. “Why couldn’t I have realized this sooner?” David wonders, with tears rolling down his face. “Why didn’t I just admit to myself sooner, that I was gay, that I loved you? I knew I did, I just didn’t want to admit it. I was afraid people would find out. and call me queer. I’m not queer. Just because some people don’t understand, there is nothing queer about loving someone, no matter whom it is.”

He pulls David close. David lays his head on Michael’s shoulder. He continues to cry as Michael says, “It’s okay Davey. It’ll be all right. You will find someone that you love as I do Stephen. David thinks, “I already have Mikey, and I am holding him.”


Linda gets to the hospital and goes up to Stephen’s room. Stephen’s bed is empty. She doesn’t understand where he could be. She wonders what they are doing to him now. Just then, Stephen and the nurse walk back into the room. “Oh, there you are,” says Linda. “Had to go out and cruise the hallways?” She winks at him, as he replies, “Right Linda; I always go cruising with a nurse at my side, just in case I see someone that would knock me off my feet.”

The nurse, not responding to this conversation, helps Stephen back into bed. “There you go young man, I’ll probably be the one that does this again tomorrow before the doctor lets you go home.” She hurriedly straightens his covers, and checks his water pitcher. She is late for having her afternoon tea break.

She then leaves the room. As soon as she has disappeared from the doorway, Linda sticks her tongue out towards the door, looks at Stephen and they both laugh wildly. Linda walks over to her best mate and sits in the chair that is located between the bed and the window.

“Did I hear right? Are they going to let you escape tomorrow?” Stephen nods and tells her that Dr. Alexander is going to let him go home, providing he is strong enough. With that, Stephen lifts his arm and makes a muscle. “Does that look strong enough to you,” he says. “Well Stephen, you are no Charles Atlas, but it looks good to me.” They both laugh again. Linda is so happy that her little ’tart’ is back to his own self again.

Stephen then gets a little more serious. “Is Michael going to be able to come to see me today? Have you talked to him?” Linda replies, “I’ll have a talk with the front desk before I leave. They have no right keeping him out, especially now that you’re doing just fine. I’ll just tell them that my ’brother’ insists that he be allowed to visit. Stephen smiles, says “YES” and with a look of relief on his face, begins to tell Linda about the detectives’ visit.

“I am really worried about John. I know he must be so scared shitless in that jail.” Linda wrinkles her brow and loudly exclaims, “After what that wanker did to you? You feel sorry for HIM?” She stops, thinks about what she has just said and then continues, “Well, I guess your right, he is in a lot of trouble. And YOU wouldn’t be Stephen Carter, if you weren’t always thinking about someone else before yourself. That is one of the things I love about you, love.” She then kisses him on the cheek and smiles lovingly at him.

After talking a while longer, Linda finally says, “I’ve got to go love. Guess I’ll see you at home tomorrow. With that, she kisses his cheek again, ruffles his hair and tells him goodbye. As she starts down the hallway towards the elevator, Intern Bradford is coming out of one of the rooms. He has his hands full with a large tray and nearly runs head on into Linda. “Sorry miss, guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Linda replies, “No harm done. They both smile and Linda walks on down the hall. Colin watchers her as she gets to the elevator and pushes the button. Just before entering the open door, she glances back down the hallway and sees this very nice looking Intern still smiling and looking at her. She gives him a final smile and disappears onto the elevator.


David has stopped crying now and raises his head from Michael’s shoulder. “I didn’t know about Stephen,” says David. “I wouldn’t have told you how I felt if I had known. It’s just that...,” Michael removes his arm and holds David’s face in his hands. “Davey,” he starts, “It’s okay. You’ll be okay. I’ll be here for you whenever you need me. I love you too Davey, maybe not the way you love me, but I do love you. You are more that just a friend, much, much more. I hope you understand what I’m telling you, and how I feel about Stephen.” David smiles just slightly and Michael takes his hand and brushes the remainder of the tears from David’s cheeks, and very lightly, kisses his beautiful full lips. David closes his eyes for a moment, then opens them. “Thanks, Mike. I don’t believe that Mikey is appropriate anymore. I’m in love with a man. He pauses for a moment and then continues, “I think I’ll be all right now. It’s just...I’ve never been in love with anyone before. Love can either make you feel wonderful or feel miserable. There is not a whole lot in between.”

Michael then begins to tell David what has happened since he last talked to him. About Stephen being in the hospital, how he got in with Linda’s help, everything. Michael finally says that he needs to get going to the hospital to see Stephen. As he nears the doorway, he turns to David and says, “You going to be okay?” David nods his head and replies, “Yea, I’ll be fine.” Michael turns and goes down the stairs and out the door.

David watches him from his window as he gets on his bike and rides off in the direction of the hospital. He walks over to his bed and sits down. He thinks about everything that Michael has told him today. He remembers the arm around his shoulders, the hands pressed against his face and the kiss. He had kissed a girl before, but it did nothing to him. This kiss had sent shivers up and down his whole body. He didn’t want it to end. He wanted Michael so bad. He needed Michael. The tears again began rolling from his eyes. He lay back with his face buried deep in his pillow and sobbed softly.

TO BE CONTINUED............

Story is copyright of James Beschorner @2000. All rights reserved. This story may not be used in whole or in part without expressed written permission of the author.