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This is "Stephen's Story"

Here's a chance for you to contribute.

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share this story and maybe other stories with you, but I also would like to hear what you think and about your ideas.

Please sign my Guest Book and where appropriate, I will respond to the comments.

If you would like to be sent a message when this site is updated or another chapter is added, please go to my home page and click on 'Mind It'. Fill out the information and a message will sent to you.

But more important is that you may find a link to a story you have not read or a site that you have not seen. After leaving this page please go to my Links Page and do some surfing. The authors and webmasters have put an enormus amount of time into their works. Look, read, listen and enjoy.

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Dave (from )

Thank you so much for you kind comments. It is a real compliment coming from someone that has such a wonderful website, as you do. I will never compete, but will always try and compliment sites such as ours and those listed on my links page.

Ray: My friend from Texas
Thank you for visiting. I hope you progress continues. Remember, the benlist and btlist will help you through any difficult times.

TO: Jean (from bt-spinoffs)
You are my first entry into my guestbook. Thank you for your affimative comments. Your opinions means alot to me.

TO: Mike
Thank you for reading my stories and visiting my WebSite. I hope you continue reading the upcoming chapters.

TO: Pete (from
Thank you for the great comments in my guestbook. I take it as an honor to have my 'mentor' say these things. I have followed your site from just after it was born and love every part of it. Thank YOU for your inspiration.